Corsair Vengeance VS Dominator VS LPX VS Value Select, Which One to Buy?

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If you’re looking for memory for your latest build or upgrade your current one, which of the available products is the right one for you? Corsair Vengeance VS Dominator VS LPX VS Value Select? In this article, we’re going to look at the range and the different features available to help you with that decision.

The Vengeance and Dominator lines are also the only memory we use in our high-performance PCs. They offer all of the latest innovations and class-leading reliability with a lifetime warranty on every single product.

We’re only looking at Corsair’s current range of DDR4 memory as that’s what most people will be buying. Let’s take a look at the range.

Dominator Platinum

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB Review

Sitting at the very top end is Dominator Platinum. At the moment, this is available in both RGB and no RGB variants, and it’s Corsairs premium DDR4 memory. It is available in high-performance speeds of whopping 4800 megahertz, making it some of the world’s fastest air-cooled production memory and with generous overclocking Headroom, too, if you’re into serious overclocking.

Dominator Platinum features heat sinks made of high-grade aluminium, extremely tightly screened and hand-sorted high-frequency memory chips. The RGB version has twelve ultra-bright individually addressable Capellix RGB LEDs. 

It is great for those who demand superior craftsmanship and the absolute fastest speeds for gaming, overclocking, content creation and heavy-duty workloads. It’s also widely compatible with all of the latest CPUs from Intel and AMD.

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Vengeance RGB Pro 

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Review

The Vengeance RGB Pro is the same memory as the LPX line, which we’ll cover next. As the name suggests, it offers ever-popular RGB lighting. It is for those looking to build something that stands out.

Each stick features ten separately controlled RGB LEDs that you can personalize and control through Corsair IQ software. Speeds are available to 4700 megahertz, and there are also a few options for different memory timings for overclockers and enthusiasts.

The aluminium heat spreader improves thermal conductivity for superb memory cooling even when overclocked. It’s available in black or white to match your system.

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Vengeance LPX

Vengeance LPX is the most common memory for most users, and it’s ideal for those needing high performance without any lighting. It also has a lower profile than RGB models, so it’s compatible with larger air coolers, which can sometimes struggle to fit on taller memory sticks.

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If you aren’t sure, then LPX is the one to go with. There’s a wide range of speeds and timings available for all different usage types, all using the same trusted, high-performance aluminium heat spreader for fast heat dissipation.

How good is it? Well, Corsair actually offers its fastest memory in Vengence LPX, offering 5000 megahertz clock speeds without overclocking. It’s currently one of the fastest memory kits in the world. So if it can handle that, you can be sure it’s more than up to the task.

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For general usage, we recommend 2133 megahertz and upward kits, whilst for gamers and those wanting to maximize performance, we recommend kits with 3000+ megahertz. AMD Ryzen CPUs benefit most from high-speed memory.

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If you’re using the latest AMD CPUs, you can find Ryzen optimized options on the Scan website. Vengeance memory is also available in the sodium form factor for laptops and small form-factor PCs without the heatsink. These applications don’t offer the space required to use or often need it.

Corsair Value Select

Corsair Value Select Review

Finally, giving an excellent performance at the most affordable end of the range is Corsair value select. This is available for both desktop and laptop applications. It offers speeds up to 2666 megahertz, which is great for gaming or working applications.

They don’t feature heat spreaders like the Vengeance lineup, and they aren’t designed to be overclocked, but they do offer excellent performance at a great price. Hopefully, our rundown will have you when it comes to choosing which Corsair memory is right for you.

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Check out the comparison table to see how they all stacks up.

Corsair Vengeance VS Dominator Comparison Chart


In the end, it really depends on what the user wants in the system because some users don’t like the bright RGB lights and prefer the look of the Dominator Platinum. 

However, the Dominator Platinum can be overclocked better past its rated specification as compared to Vengeance RGB Pro due to it being hand-screened ICs plus the Vengeance RGB taking some power away to power the LEDs. There is a finite amount of power that a motherboard provides to memory slots.


What is DDR4?

DDR4 stands for double data rate, and four means it is the fourth generation of DDR Ram. A type of memory commonly used in desktop and laptop computers. Compared to the previous-gen DDR, this Ram is 20% more power-efficient and has a much faster clock and data transfer speeds.

Plus, if you’re buying a CPU from either AMD or Intel from any time in the last five or so years, then DDR4 memory is the one that you’ll need to use.

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