Best PC Gaming Desks 2020 Ultimate Guide (October)

If you are a true gamer than chances are you have spent a ton on your PC and gaming accessories but the one thing most gamers don’t pay much attention to is their desk. We don’t think a gaming setup is complete without a gaming desk. A gaming desk can surprisingly change your gaming experience.

This ultimate guide will assist you in finding the best PC gaming desk according to your budget. There are many different gaming desks available in the market. Every gaming desk has its advantages and disadvantages. Some wood tables are suitable for their conservative designs and offer extra storage in the form of racks and drawers, while other gaming desks have modern designs and better management for you gaming accessories.

A gamer’s criteria for buying a desk may differ; however, the primary purpose of the best PC gaming desk for any gaming will be the one that is most ergonomic & comfortable as well as holds all of your gaming accessories like consoles, joysticks, gamepads, monitors, and your phone, tablets, etc.

To assist you in finding the best gaming computer desk, we have made a list of top of the line gaming desks. We have tested, researched and asked the buyer about these desks for the quality and user friendliness. There were almost one hundred desks that we looked into and finalized the list. We have listed their most prominent features like type, material, and measurements.

There are so many different considerable options in different categories like cheap, budget, desks for multi monitor gaming setup, 60 inches, standing, console or PC gaming desks. We cannot cover all the gaming desks in one article because it will be too lengthy. This is why in this article we have discussed the top two gaming desks from each category and for complete list you can go through the articles below according to your budget and requirements.

Note: To refine the search we have divided this main article in few smaller articles in different categories. So you can easily find what you are looking for. As there are so many options available we could not fit them into one article, also we want you to have the right gaming desk.
Below is the list of articles that you can access according to your requirements.

Overall Best PC Gaming Desk: EUREKA Ergonomic Z1-S

EUREKA Z1-S PC gaming desk

Eureka is a well-known brand for its high quality gaming accessories. The Eureka Z1-S is the latest addition in our best gaming computer desks list. This desk tops our list because of its modern looking design, superior build quality, and it has most of the essential features. It’s lightweight, trendy, stylish, spacious, and has some other great features too. The bonus feature is that it comes at a reasonable price for a desk that ergonomic.

With a surface region of 44.5″ long and 24.2″ wide, it has a lot of space for all your gaming equipment and will easily fit two monitors. 

This gaming desk has a sleek Carbon Fiber texture, which makes it more stylish. This desk comes with a lot of features. The key features of this desk include cup holder, headphone hook, controller stand, game storage, and an extra-large mouse pad for your gaming keyboard and gaming mouse, meeting almost all the gamer needs.

Rock-solid Z-shape modern design and four leveling feet made of aluminum give it more stability and a trendy look. This desk can hold a maximum weight of up to 200lbs. For a finishing touch, the Z1-S features blue LED Lighting, making this desk look excellent for a gamer. 

This desk can be an excellent choice for your new gaming station. The unique features of this desk meet all your gaming needs, while not being too expensive.

  • Latest Design
  • Solid Build
  • DVD/Controller Stand
  • Expensive

2nd Choice for Best PC Gaming Desk: Mr. IRONSTONE Gaming Desk

Mr. IRONSTONE Computer Gaming Desk

This gaming desk is not so technically complex, but it has all the necessary features a gaming desk should have in this price. This desk has a cup holder on the right side of the desk and an earphone hook on the left side. This desk comes with two holes for easy cable management. The design is simple, modern, and it gets the job done without costing you a lot. 

Tabletop is made of MDF laminated with PVC, which makes it waterproof and very easy to clean. Legs are constructed by durable metal frame. This desk can hold up to 110 pounds of weight. It is enough to hold your curved monitor and PC as well as all of the gaming and computer accessories easily so you can focus more on gaming. There is enough space to set up two monitors. The R style design of this desk makes it very stable. What’s more is, in spite of being the sturdiest model; it keeps a small profile and is right in the budget.

It’s a great choice overall, regardless of whether you’re attempting to squeeze it into the corner of a small room. Very easy to assemble with the help of instructions included with the table.

  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great customer service
  • Minimalist design

Best PC Gaming Desk with Most Features: Atlantic 33950212 Gaming Desk Pro

Atlantic 33950212 Gaming Desk Pro

Atlantic 33950212 Gaming Desk Pro is a fantastic budget gaming desk with a price of just over $100. This desk offers an excellent surface to play your favorite games. This gaming desk includes a charging stand for your tablet or smartphone. A speaker stands on both sides, which double as a game storage, which means you can store your games just under the speakers where space is available.

This desk also includes an under-desk basket, controller stands, built-in wire-management, rear power strip holder, cup holder, and headphone/VR gaming headset hook. This desk includes almost every feature that all the other desks have together. It is built with sturdy steel legs and sleek charcoal colored carbon fiber laminated top.

Elevated shelf supports up to 32-inch monitor. The phone holder can hold two phones or a single tablet and charge them while you play your games as well as keep an eye on the notifications of your phone. The phone holder lets you charge your phone in an upright position, and the slight lip of the phone holder makes sure that your phone won’t fall.

The desk comes with two cable grommets made for easy cable management. Alongside the monitor, stand are two console controller holders that will allow your PlayStation or Xbox controllers to rest where controllers can be connected and charge while staying out of everything.

Lightweight construction is a reward for anybody who doesn’t like a large desk at their home. Lightweight gaming desks are best-case scenarios so that you can change your furniture settings at any time.

  • Lots of features
  • Back power strip
  • Lightweight
  • Monitor shelf
  • Smaller size

Best Premium PC Gaming Desk: DXRacer Newedge Computer Gaming Desk

DXRacer Newedge Computer Gaming Desk

DXRacer has established itself as an excellent premium gaming brand by making high-quality furniture, especially with its ultra-comfy gaming chairs. The mixed-use of certain materials that go into the development of the DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Edition desks guarantee that there’s no compromise on the build quality.

The assembly of this computer gaming desk is somewhat tricky for some individuals who may not be DIY lovers, although the guidelines are clear and easy to follow. This desk has a 10 degree slope for a comfortable posture for your forearms. So you don’t get tired in those long gaming sessions. DXRacer has the best cable management with 4 holes dedicated to cables. The materials used to make this desk comprise wood, metal, and carbon fiber. They’ve all been secured together utilizing strong and durable nuts and bolts.

This is an extremely durable and stable desk that can hold all of your gaming equipment while looking great simultaneously.

The main feature of this unit is appearance. There’s no uncertainty that whoever possesses this desk means serious business. The latest and stylish design of this desk makes it hard for the people to believe that it can hold the heavyweight of a gamer’s gaming accessories. In any case, the DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Edition desk is a top-notch gaming desk that won’t let you down.

Many gamers probably won’t care for a desk that is so glaringly prepared for you to take a seat at and begin playing your preferred game, yet that is alright.

We don’t care for those gamers anyways! Overall, this premium computer gaming desk has remarkable features with outstanding cable management.

If we talk about the price, this is the most expensive desk we came across. This desk worth every penny you pay for it. However, if you are on a limited budget then this isn’t the desk for you.

  • High Quality
  • 10 degree slope
  • Very Expensive
  • Lacks a lot of gamer friendly features

Best Under $200: AuAg 47 Inches Gaming Style Desk


AuAg 47 inches is one of the best option for you under $200 price range. The design is totally unique and coolest looking. The beautiful RGB lights and the distinct legs design makes it different from all other gaming desks. There are six colors to choose from and match it with your other gaming hardware lights. You can also choose three different modes, monochromatic change, flash, and breathing style.

It has enough surface area enough for all of your gaming peripherals. To clear things off the desk, it includes a headset hook and a cup holder. On top of that this desk comes with a large sized gaming mouse pad. The y-shaped legs of this desk are unique and resemble the legs of a giant robotic-machine.

While the frame looks cool, it is also stable, and it can bear a weight of 330lbs, which is more than enough for gaming equipment. With all the right features and a futuristic look, you should definitely consider this budget gaming desk. This is a best budget gaming desk a gamer could ask with all the features.

2nd Best Gaming Desk Under $200: VANSPACE 55 Inches


If you are looking for a bigger desk under budget where you can put your dual monitor setup easily then Vanspace 55 inches is a great option. With a solid build quality and beautiful design it surely will increase your gaming experience. The 55 inches wide carbon fiber textured desktop has plenty of space for dual-monitor and other gaming accessories. The solid structure of this gaming desk can hold up to 330lbs of weight.

Vanspace 55” is packed with many features like headset hook, a cup holder and controller/DVD holder. It has two built-in cable grommets for easier cable management. The controller stand also has four USB ports making it easier to charge your phone, tablets or power any other accessory. At the back, there is a power storage for more convenient cable management.

Another great thing is the extra-large anti-skid gaming mousepad, which effectively keeps the keyboard and mouse in place. Solid construction makes this desk one of the sturdiest gaming desks. T-shaped legs provide enough space for you to move your legs. The four leveling feet makes this desk stable even on uneven floors.

Best Multi-Monitor Gaming Desks

A gaming desk that can fit your multi monitor setup plus all your gaming accessories is an excellent addition to your gaming station. There are a lot of desks with the large surface area, but finding a desk that perfectly meets your budget and requirements is a bit tricky. Multi monitor gaming desk should have maximum weight capacity so that it can easily hold all your gaming hardware with ease.

For me, a single monitor does not work. It should be at least a dual monitor setup. If you are reading this article, then I can assume that a single monitor setup does not work for you either. I have tried a lot of different desks from an antique office desk to a simple plain IKEA. I like the setup with dual or triple monitors. I always had the problem of small gaming desks not having enough space for my dual monitor setup.

The dual or triple monitor can increase your productivity or, in this case, your gaming experience. It is not always about the size of a tabletop, but elevated shelves or dual monitor Stand/Arm can give you more space.

In this article, we are reviewing some of the best multi monitor gaming desks. We will discuss the features and specifications of these gaming desks so you can compare them and make your choice easily.

Best Dual Monitor Gaming Desk: Eureka Z60


Z60 has the number one spot on our multi monitor gaming desk list. Eureka Z60 gaming desk can be an excellent choice for your dual monitor gaming station. The Z60 is an upgraded version of Z1-S. This desk has a full 60″ carbon fiber textured tabletop with enough room to set up dual monitors, PS4, Xbox, keyboard, mouse, and any other gaming gear you have. Z60 has enough surface space, and you can set up triple monitors using a monitor arm.

The sides of this desk have multi-colored RGB LED lights, which makes it look great and also boosts your gaming experience. You can simply attach your PC or console and choose your favorite color lights. Experience your gaming on another level with these multi-colored LED lights.

Z60 has a rock-solid Z-shaped design, which gives it maximum strength. It can hold a maximum weight of 220lbs. This is a sturdy desk, and it can last for years

A gaming desk should provide a clean look. With two built-in cable management grommets, you can keep your battle station looking neat. This is a pretty awesome gaming desk itself, but if you want it to be a perfect battle station, then you can buy desk accessories separately sold by Eureka. You can add CPU holder/Hanger, single/dual monitor arm, keyboard tray, large mouse pad, USB hub, or gear racks that include a cup holder and console holder, etc. So that’s a lot of choices with this desk.

Eureka is a trusted brand, and all of their products are of high quality. This is the reason that this desk comes with a two years warranty plus 30-Day risk-free guarantee with free shipping. If you don’t like the desk, you can just send it back. It also has free return shipping.

This can be a dream desk for any gamers with all these great features and customer friend policies.

2nd Best Dual Monitor Gaming Desk: Vitesse 55″

Vitesse 55 Inch

Vitesse 55″ gaming desk is the latest addition in our multi monitor gaming desk. This desk is a larger variant of Vitesse 47″. This desk comes with a large tabletop made of carbon fiber. With enough surface area this desk can hold all your gaming hardware without any space issues. VIT 55″ can easily carry your dual monitor setup, or it can even hold a triple monitor if you use a triple monitor arm. 

When it comes to the features, this desk has most of the necessary features a gaming desk can have. This desk comes with a USB gaming handle rack, storage tray, cable grommets, cup holder, headphone holder hook. Vit 55″ is one of the best looking desks with a smooth and stylish finish.

The tabletop is elegantly textured with thousands of microscopic, high-intensity light-reflecting points, creating the brilliant surface for futuristic gaming mice tracking capabilities. Charging ports allow you to charge your phone or tablet within your reach.

Cable management is good with two built-in cable grommets. The surface is PVC laminated with a full mouse pad. The tabletop is waterproof and very easy to clean. VIT 55″ is the sturdiest desk; T-shaped legs are made of steel with 260lbs of load-bearing capacity. It will hold all your gaming hardware without any problem. 

This is the best multi monitor gaming desk a gamer could ask with all these excellent features. Also, you get one year of worry-free warranty.

Best Triple Monitor Gaming Desk: Arozzi Arena

Arozi Arena Gaming Desk.

This is the best triple monitor gaming desk that holds back nothing about what it is intended for. There is a ton to like about this large desk; the main feature is its spacious layout for your gaming hardware to adjust quickly. Another great feature is height adjustability, so you can easily adjust the height according to your needs. If you are looking for a large desk that can hold your multiple gaming monitor setup then look no further.

This gaming desk can easily withstand the weight of your PC hardware, console, and monitors on top. A durable desk all round with fantastic quality and great looks.Desks like this are the best for a wide range of jobs from gaming t content creation. This gaming desk is available in various colors is a reward, too, meaning that gamers can choose the correct color of the desk to suit their color scheme in the house.

There are numerous great features in these desks, and discovering what could work optimally for you is essential. The cloth material on the table offers proper tracking for gaming mouse and a good grip for your keyboard. The fabric of the desk is removable and can be washed and changed.

There is a cable management net that is produced using a manufactured netting under the desk, alongside two cable openings for cables and wires that you have to connect with your accessories for proper cable management.

This creates a nice and clean gaming area so you can kick back and enjoy your gaming. This is always the best result when attempting to relax and enjoy the gaming session.The desk ships dismantled; however, the installation guidelines are easy to follow; after a little bit of assembly, you will have the gaming desk you had always wanted.

The colored manual is included in the package with detailed instructions with pictures for you to follow and build your desk piece by piece with ease.

If you are looking for a large desk that can hold your triple multiple monitor setup, then look no further; this is the best option for you. Arozzi Arena gaming desk is famous among a lot of pro gamers.

2nd Best Triple Monitor Gaming Desk: Mr. Ironstone


This desk can be another great choice for your triple monitor setup. Mr. IRONSTONE is a multi monitor gaming desk that is specially designed for all your gaming hardware to fit perfectly on the tabletop. The surface is made of large sturdy MDF with PVC laminated. This desk provides a huge space for your triple monitor setup. So you can focus more on your gaming without any space issues.

The design of this desk is very convenient for gamers. Mr. Ironestone gaming desk comes with a cup holder, a headphone hook, and three cable management grommets. These extra features help you have better gaming experience. This is not just a gaming desk; you can also use it as a workstation.

Mr. Ironestone has a rock-solid frame construction. The frame is made of durable metal legs, and it can hold the heavyweight of your gaming hardware and accessories. Four adjustable leg pads ensure that the gaming desk holds a strong position and doesn’t wobble even on uneven ground.

The assembly of this desk is effortless if you follow the given instructions included with the package. It also contains the tools to assemble the desk. The laminated table top is waterproof, which makes it easy to clean.

Mr. Ironstone comes with a one year warranty. If you have any issues with the desk, you can contact the customer support. Their customer service is speedy, and they will respond to you within 24 hours if you have any queries or problems.

Best Standing Gaming Desk: ApexDesk Elite Series

Apex Elite series Standing gaming desk

Computer gaming desks that can be electronically changeable and height-adjustable are simply amazing. This will prove to be a real head-turner if you have this at home or office. The fact that the height of this desk can be adjusted using the electronic push buttons is appealing. This desk provides ample room for your gaming needs or a variety of office tasks. Standing desks like this are great to buy. It helps you sit in a better posture.

This is one of the heaviest desks on the list, which will surely provide stable gaming or work area. It makes sure to give an entirely steady and durable work zone for anybody worried about their modern gaming desk or top being excessively unstable and powerless. Among all of the other great features that this desk has, maybe its most significant trademark is its manufacture quality.

A ton of thought went into the making of this unit, and it is consequently that this item has been so generally welcomed throughout its production. The overall weight probably won’t be perfect for everybody, except having a heavier gaming desk is usually better for your PC equipment to lie on.

This desk is available in many colors to choose from, making it one of the most trending desks. Price is a lot higher than most of the desks on our best gaming desk list, as one should expect, there are a ton of extra electronic and mechanical components that helps in auto height adjustment of the desk. There are a lot of good comments about this particular desk. 

If you are thinking of buying this desk at this price, you should first consider if this sort of height adjustment is something that you might want to have for yourself. Once you have compared all of the positives versus negatives, you will be able to make a choice on which computer gaming desk to buy.

2nd Best Standing Desk: Seville Classics AIRLIFT S2


This standing desk is primarily built for office use but it is still a great entry in world of gaming desks. Height adjustment is perfect for comfortable posture during gaming marathon. It can be raised from 28.7” to 48.4” when full raised at 1.5 inches per second.

The design of this desk is very ergonomic for maximum comfort and to give user access to whole desk surface without having to reach out. This desk is very easy to assemble as you just have to screw the tabletop to the structure below which can be done in a few minutes. It can hold dual monitor setup easily.

It features LED display with 4 memory buttons for preset height adjustments.This standing desk is a great addition to best gaming desks.

Best Cheap Gaming Desk: Atlantic Gaming Desk

Atlantic gaming desk

This is a downplayed desk that has proper cable management and as well as accessories storage under the desk. The price of this computer gaming desk is very reasonable, considering the features this desk accompanies. It includes headphone stand, DVD storage, charging stand for your tablet or smartphone, speaker stands, under-desk basket, controller stand, built-in wire-management, rear power strip holder, and cup holder. There is a speaker holder on each side of the desk. You can use the controller holder to hold your console controllers. There is a shelf for a monitor or a small TV to rest on. 

The desk has round smooth corners to look more sleek and stylish. The desk surface has a diagonal serrated texture with a decent grip. This desk is easy to clean and maintain. The overall style of this desk is spotless and smooth, making for an ideal computer gaming desk for anybody who spent a lot of time gaming. PC and console gamers will both enjoy this gaming desk as it is very versatile and good looking.

There are a couple of additional features also, one of which is a drink holder. That is somewhat further down the leg of the desk, which is good for anybody who fears knocking over a drink while playing games.

Under the tabletop, there is a retractable drawer made from durable wire metal, and it will effortlessly store cables and much more. The opening is large enough to fit your console here. The sky is the limit for this desk.

Beneath the desk at the rear side of the desk is a cable management tray where you can rest your cables and wires, avoiding any mess of wires. This is an excellent desk with the absolute best features that you could hope to see on a gaming desk at this cost.

Best Space Saving Gaming Desk: Atlantic Space Saver

Atlantic Space Saver

Atlantic has produced some great gaming desks and this is the 3rd gaming desk in our list by Atlantic. As the name says it all “Atlantic Space Saver”, this desk is built for those who don’t have enough space for a large gaming desk. While keeping a smaller size it still has almost all the features of Atlantic gaming desk pro. It has a curved oval-like design to be more compact while offering maximum space.

This gaming desk includes speaker stands, under-desk basket for games, game controller stands, built-in wire-management slots, rear power strip holder, a cup holder and headphone hook. This tabletop is carbon fiber laminated and the structure is built with powder coated cylindrical steel legs.

Best Selling L Shaped Gaming Desk: Walker Edison Soreno

Walker Edison Soreno

A premium quality desk that is durable and good looking for gaming or entertainment is challenging to find. But Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk deals with this by managing top-notch materials with expert craftsmanship as well as a great price. Desks of this premium quality, design, and aesthetics are the perfect ticket for console and PC gaming. This gaming desk makes up an excellent setup for gamers who need multiple monitors ready on their desk all the time. 

Under the tabletop, this desk features a retractable keyboard tray that will make your gaming easy. This spacious desk gives you enough space options when you have more than one activity to focus on. This is a large enough desk to support your triple monitor setup.

For any reason, if you need a second desk, the structure is with the end goal that it’s simple for you to dismantle it and use the two separate desk pieces as a single independent desk. The main issue some may have is that glass desks can be tricky to clean and poor cable management.

Overall, this is a solid desk that can withstand around 100 pounds for each segment, making it more than capable of supporting a PC or gaming console without any issues.

This desk has a solid metal frame with tempered glass fitted. The glass is shatterproof and durable.

Finally, the low price tag for this premium desk is the icing on the cake. This is one of the best-selling gaming computer desk on our list.

Best Simple Gaming Desk: Tribesigns Modern Simple Style

Tribesigns Modern Simple Style

This is a decent gaming desk with more than average potential for anybody looking to set up their PC or console on it. This is a simple-looking space saving but very durable desk. This desk is available in 3 different sizes. So you can choose the best size according to your space.

Desks like this are great cash savers. This is an ideal gaming desk for anybody that has space limitations. It doesn’t have any drawers but that isn’t a lot of an issue for some individuals who are hoping to use the desk basically as a gaming station and for storage, they have other places.

The robust frame is made with stainless steel, which goes about as cross support under the desk, adding stability and strength. The tabletop is made of 0.98″ thick laminated MDF, which is waterproof, anti-scratch and very easy to clean.

The tabletop looks walnut type, so the desk shows up light and bright, ideal for a small room or office that needs a bit of lightening up. This desk is effortless to assemble. If done, alright it will only take about 15 minutes. This simple look of this desk is quite appealing, and the low price makes it one of the top-selling desks.

If you live in a smaller place or your room has less space for a gaming table than the 47″ size is best for you. This is a cheap desk if you think about the durability and overall build quality. But if you are looking for a better-looking desk with more features, then this is not for you. This desk is for gamers who are low on budget. This desk will last years if taken good care.

Best Computer Gaming Desk FAQ & Buyer’s Guide

The best thing about a computer gaming desk is that it can be used as a PC table, a table for your gaming console, or you can even put your TV on. You can also get a gaming desk for your gaming laptop.

Gamers who take gaming very seriously are also content creators. So there enough space for their cameras and AV gear for when they film their content. We have tried to review some of the best gaming desks available to assist you with finding a magnificent gaming desk.

Which desks are popular among pro gamers?

There are different brands used by pro gamers. Most of the gamers use DXRacer and Arozzi Arena. Both of these desks are premium quality and high in price.

How many monitors should my desk hold? 

You should consider the space for several monitors you own or intend to hold soon. The general rule of thumb is that you should always overestimate when it comes to available space on your desk. So if you ever want to include more monitors to your gaming setup, you won’t need to proceed to purchase another desk and figure how to manage your current one. 

How Do I Maximize My Gameplay Ability? 

The most excellent method to increase the playability with your desk is to find a desk that suits both your style and your intended usage. It should be comfortable and ergonomic too. The computer gaming desk should be suitable for your wrists, right eye level to avoid neck strain. Height adjustable desks are best for this. You should have an ergonomic and comfortable gaming seat to sit on, grip for keyboard, right mouse pad, and some extra space to move around under the desk.

Having a modern-looking desk that is not the right size or height will be disappointing and will leave you feeling miserable.

The size of the gaming desk should be considered as it is crucial. A desk too big or too small will affect the overall experience of gaming. Ensure that you take measurements correctly where you need your desk to go before you order any desk. You should always be 100% certain that your new gaming table is going to fit into your place.

What is the Right Position for Sitting at a Computer? 

An excellent method to sit at desks is with your back well supported and in a straight position that doesn’t allow you to slump. Having this right posture can spare you from back pain, neck strain, and poor breathing method. So desks that advance this postural practice are best.

Not taking satisfactorily deep breaths will prompt weakness and lack of focus during your gaming sessions. So it is always advised that you sit in a good position before starting a long gaming session.

Ensuring that your monitor is at the right level with your eyes is vital to staying away from the neck and eye strain. Desks that are height adjustable are the best gaming desks.

What Makes a Good Gaming Desk? 

This is a question you should be asking yourself before making a purchase. There is no single desk that will be perfect for everyone. Everyone has their own requirements when it comes to buying a perfect gaming desk for them. A suitable gaming desk is one that offers a player both a steady surface on which they can play their games as well as providing comfort and ergonomics as well as good looking design.  It will all depend on the situations like your place, space available for desk and budget etc.


The nature of gaming is, players spend numerous hours in the same sitting position without getting up. This implies that the position they are sitting in should allow for comfort and safety to avoid any damage while playing games. Keeping your stance and wrists in a good position is very important. So ensuring that your desk sits at the right height and position is very important.

Well Organized

Another thing to consider is excellent organization. Many of these gaming desks have built-in racks, proper cable management, accessory holders, drink holders, wooden drawers, and phone holders. Some of the best gaming desks even take a player’s hydration levels into thought and offer cup holders for their drinks.

Surface Area

If you want to setup your 3 monitor gaming station then you need a large table with maximum surface area. But if your living space is small then you should opt for a smaller desk so it can fit easily. The worst mistake you can make is buy a large expensive desk only to find out later that it is too big to adjust in your place.

Maximum Load Capacity

You should consider the maximum load capacity before buying a gaming desk. Many gamers have heavy setups that can weigh a lot. Maybe if you have a big TV as your monitor then you will need a gaming desk that can handle that kind of weight. Most of the manufacturers have mentioned the maximum load capacity of the desk so you can easily check.


Stability of a desk is very important. There is nothing worst then a wobbling gaming desk during intense gaming sessions. A desk that wobbles can disrupt your precise movements. Make sure the desk you are buying is stable and less incline to wobble.


You should always check the material of any desk before buying. Most of the new desks are made of MDF or particleboard. MDF has become very high quality in the previous few years. It’s solid lightweight and durable material. Some desks even has PVC laminated MDF which is waterproof. Glass desks look great but they are tricky to clean. Most of the glass desks don’t have cable management.


The last but not least thing to consider is warranty of the product. Preferably, you would get a desk that has at least one year of warranty. Be careful in reading the warranty terms as some of the warranties are limited to specific issues.


Always read the instruction first before assembling the desk. Sometimes it is difficult to assemble desks if you don’t read the manual. Most of the desks are easy to assemble by one person only. But sometimes large desks even require two people to assemble.

Now it depends upon your taste, space at your place, and style that which gaming desk will be perfect for you. We have tried our best to share all the pros and cons of the best gaming desks we can.

How to choose the best multiple monitor gaming desk?

There are several factors you need to consider before buying a multi monitor gaming desk. We have discussed these factors down below.


There are two types/designs of multi monitor gaming desks that you can consider depending on the space you have available. One type is straight rectangular and the other is l shaped. Most of the straight designs are 60 inches wide and are good for dual or triple monitors. These desks come in beautiful aesthetic designs which takes your gaming area on another level.

While l shaped gaming desks have more space and you can even set up two different systems like one side for PC gaming and one for console gaming or work station. L shaped desks are suitable for users who want maximum space for gaming as well as working. But only few l shaped desks have gaming looking whereas there are many straight 60 inch gaming desks available in the market.

Another downside about l shaped desks is that they have very few gamers friendly feature. The only things that make l shaped gaming desks lucrative is the amount of space and quality they provide in a reasonable price


In this list of multi monitor gaming desks, we have included desks that have 55 inches or above width. Straight desks are mostly 55 or 60 inches wide whereas the L shaped desks have different dimensions. Sometimes one side is longer than the other side and sometimes both sides are equal. All of these l shaped gaming desks are longer than 60 inches in total length.

You should measure the area where you are going to put the table before ordering to avoid any inconvenience.

How long do computer gaming desks last? 

The life of even the best gaming desk will rely mostly on how it is handled. Other than that, it depends on the materials from which it has been built, and what kind of workload that it has been exposed to. It is feasible for a desk to last for many years to come if it is taken good care of and not manhandled with over the top weight burdens, and corrosion to any unprotected metal desks and equipment. Desks should be durable, practical, and sturdy for players to get the most use out of them.

It is, in this way, significant for gamers to find out about the materials used to build a desk and construct quality that has gone into before focusing on a specific desk. Many desks that we have mentioned in our best gaming desk list are all good choices for you to consider. Compare all these desks before making your final purchase.

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