6 Cheap Hacks For A Clean And Organized Desk Setup

In this article I will be sharing some tips and hacks to improve your gaming setup with an emphasis on keeping your desktop clean and organized.

Lint Roller

Lint Roller

You’re probably wondering why a lint roller. This is your regular lint roller that is used for cleaning your clothes and stuff. However, this is going to be handy for keeping your desktop clean, especially the mouse pad.

Many home owners have pets, which means a lot’s of pet hairs on the mouse pad. There can be dust or maybe you eat at your desktop and there’s crumbs dust on your mouse pad.

All that stuff is naturally gonna accumulate on your desk pad, and using a lint roller is the perfect remedy to clean all of that. I have experienced that when you wipe a mouse pad with your hand, you’re just smearing not only the oils from your hands onto your desk pad but whatever you’re trying to clear off could also be smeared and damage the surface of your mouse pad.

Using a lit roller will pick up all the dust and whatever you’re trying to clean right of your mouse pad. This will keep the mouse surface safe from wearing down soon.

Air Blower

DOROBEEN Compressed Air Duster

You can buy an electric air blower, if you don’t already have one. It is great for keeping the desktop clean, blowing off all that dust. The one I have is from Mel geek. It is super small, compact but powerful.

It is also very useful for blowing off the dust between the keys of your keyboard. I have a pet cat, and there are so many hairs around. Just blow the hairs out of the keyboard and use a lint roller to clean.

Doolkin Laptop Mount

Doolkin Laptop Mount

Doolkin laptop Mount is a tiny foldable magnetic Mount system that can be the perfect companion to the side of your laptop. You can also attach it to your monitor and that is how I use it.

The beauty of it is the design and its flexibility as it tucks away when not in use. You can just fold it out when you need it and fold it back when you want it out of the way. It has built-in magnet, so you can use it with many things made of metal.

I have used it for streaming, mounted an Elgato key Light mini to illuminate me during my streams, and even hanged my headset. It can be a great space saver too. I’m sure some of you will find more creative ways to use this gadget.

Invisible phone charger

Invisible phone charger

Invisible phone charger is one of my favourite gadget but I think it still needs some improvements. It require some visible parts to get it working but once it is hooked up it’s totally invisible. 

The package includes a wireless charging pad, a bracket to hold it, and a coiled sticker. They also include magnets to make sure that everything is aligned properly. Make sure to confirm the thickness of your desktop because if it is too thick then the charger won’t work.

Once you decide where you want to place the wireless charger using the magnets on the bottom side of your desk, stick the bracket right in the middle through the magnets and this will then align it perfectly.

After that you you can slide in the wireless charger so it charges through your desktop surface without you needing anything physically on your desktop. To strengthen that wireless connection the conductive cheek coiled sticker will go directly on top of where the pad is mounted underneath.

You can even hide it under your mouse pad and it will still charge your phone. Once again, make sure the desk is not too thick for wireless charger to work.

Monitor Top Shelf

Monitor Top Shelf

With the emphasis of cutting down clutter on the desktop, let me introduce this monitor top shelf. It is made to sit on the top of your monitor, and act as extra storage space for your stuff that may have lying on your desk.

The monitor shelf has three sticky gel pads to help keep it in place and the adjustable kickstand on the back will then just lock into the back side of the monitor for extra support. In terms of size, the shelf is thirteen inches long and three and a quarter inches in depth.

It can be used to keep smaller things or extra peripherals out of your way when you’re not using them. No more loosing flash drives because it is great for holding flash drives and memory cards.

Not only the monitor but this can also be used with a TV as well. Despite the overall thickness of your display or even if it’s a curved monitor, the bracket will make sure it fits.

Cable Management Box

Cable Management Box with accessories

In terms of cable management, these three Cable Management boxes are amazing to have. Yes, you read it right, the package contain three boxes. They differ in sizes.

The smallest one have a bunch of cable management accessories, which include six single cable mounts, two multi-cable mounts, a pack of labels, zip ties plastic cable locks, and six velcro strips.

These boxes are great for hiding power bricks instead of having them on the floor. So, instead of having cable spaghetti on the ground, you can tuck them in a box. You can use additional boxes for different purposes.

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