10 Benefits of L-Shaped Computer Desks You Should Know

Buying the right desk is important whether it be for an office, work-from-home office or gaming. A desk is a major purchase that should be done properly.

An L-shaped desk can be a great addition to your setup in terms of extra benefits that it comes with. In this article, I will be discussing some of the benefits that you will enjoy after getting an L-shaped desks.

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1- Plenty of Space

L-shaped computer desks come with plenty of space for your major hardware and accessories. Most of the L-shaped desks are made in two pieces. So, you can easily move them and change sides of the side piece according to your room.

Usually the side desk is smaller than the main tabletop but it still equals to a small computer desk. By combining both sides we get plenty of surface area.

Bigger surface area is one of the main reasons to get an L-shaped gaming desk. If you run a studio with lots of equipment, a steamer or a gamer with multi monitor setup then L-shaped desks offer great space for everything in one place.

L-shaped desk are also good when you need to work from home. An L-shaped desk will provide you with all the space for a computer, monitor and an extra work laptop on the side piece.

2- Clutter Free

For those who want a clutter free setup can also opt for an L-shaped computer desk. With plenty of space you can easily place your accessories on a distance from each other to avoid and congestion. You can easily manage all the cables going behind the desk without making a wire spaghetti.

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3- Multitasking

An L-shaped desk is great for multitasking. With two pieces of the desk, you can dedicate each section for a separate system for multitasking. For example, a streamer can use one side for streaming and the other side for editing videos.

For an home office, you can use one side for your system and other side for printing and other work-related accessories.

4- Enhance Productivity

It also helps enhance productivity by providing everything in one place. You don’t need to get up and go to the other room to get the paper you just printed.

The time you save might be little but it surely keeps you focused on your work.

5- Space Saving

Another great benefit of an L-shaped desk is that it fits perfectly in the corner and saves you much needed space. This is why it is also called a corner desk.

6- Organized

With huge surface area you can easily organize your stuff in a disciplined manner, which also looks good. You can arrange all your accessories clutter free.

With plenty of space you can easily achieve a clean modern look that is not possible with a small regular desk. Gamers are obsessed with a clean & minimalistic look that can be achieved by an L-shaped gaming desk.

Gamers have a lot of accessories like headphone holder, controller holder, DVD holder etc. that need to be on the desk. And it is only possible to have all the stuff on top with an L-shaped desk.

7- Value for money

If we compare these L-shaped computer desks with regular computer desks then you are obviously getting your moneys worth. They are reasonably priced and worth buying.

On the other hand, it can be expensive if you are buying an L-shaped gaming desks. You can get a cheap computer desk under $100 but most of the gaming desks in L shape are over $200.


8- Features

Most of the time there is no difference in between a regular desk and an L-shaped computer desk. The main difference is the surface area. Regular desks range from 40 inches to 60 inches and an L-shaped desks have an overall length of 70+ inches.

Usually, the L-shaped desks come with a CPU rack that regular desks lacks.

9- Perfect for Two

Some L-shaped desks have both sides equals in size. These are the desks suitable for two users. These desks can save you a lot of space. These two person desks are great for a home-based office or work from home setup.

10- Future Proof

A bigger desk can always come in handy in the future. If you have a single monitor setup that you need to upgrade to a dual or triple monitor setup in the future then you can simply use the extra space instead of buying a new desk.


So, if you have an empty corner in your house where you can setup your system then I would absolutely recommend an L-shaped computer desk.

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