Top 7 Best Gaming Lap Desks 2021

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Nobody wants burning thighs or pain in the back. Every gamer knows how important it is to stay in a comfortable position when you’re gaming. Most of the time when you are gaming on a laptop, you are not in a very comfortable position. Gaming sessions can be longer and this isn’t good for your health.

Whether you have you laptop on a desk or in your lap, eventually your laptop will twist you in an uncomfortable position. Laptops tend to get very hot during gaming because they consume a lot of power and you cannot rest them in your lap. It can block the ventilation blocks of a laptop, which can lead to overheating.

Luckily, there are a lot of options available in the market for this problem. You can buy a gaming lap desk to overcome this issue. Lap desks can help you sit in a comfortable position without burning your thighs. Lap desks are available in many different designs and you can buy whichever suits you perfect. It is so easy to take this portable accessory anywhere without any trouble. With a lap desk, you can game from the comfort of your bed or couch.

In this article we are going to review 10 best gaming lap desks that you can buy.

LapGear Gaming Lap Desk

LapGear Best Gaming Lap Desks

LapGear is an excellent choice for any gamer. This gaming lap desk can fit up to 15.6 inches laptops with enough space for a mouse. Features include a built in large mouse pad and a phone holder. These are the best features a gamer could ask for. Mouse pad helps your mouse glide easily across the desk and the phone holder lets you stay updated on the notifications.

There is a dual-bolster cushion under the desk, which keeps you cool and comfortable. Device ledge keeps the laptop secure in its place. This lap desk is lightweight and very easy to move around. Changing your posture is very easy with this desk. There are few more designs options available for this variant, choose the one that fit your needs. I would definitely recommend this gaming lap desk as I have played countless hours of games on this one.

AboveTEK Portable Gaming Lap Desk

AboveTEK Portable Laptop Lap Desk

AboveTEK can be great for your gaming needs. The small and sleek design makes it very portable and easy to move. Anti- skid pad with textured surface provides strong grip for your laptop. The double strip on the bottom of the desk provides even more grip in your lap for a stable gaming experience.

The heat prevention shield protects your thighs from extensive heat, which creates a comfortable gaming experience. Smaller size makes it easy to store and carry around. There is a retractable mouse tray, which is perfect for gaming. Retractable mouse tray extends on both sides for left/right handed users. Elevated edges on mouse tray prevent the mouse from falling. AboveTEK gaming lap desk supports up to 15.7 inch of laptop. Enjoy playing games in your bed or the couch without straining your back and neck.

Neetto Height Adjustable Lap Desk

Neetto Height Adjustable Lap Desk

This is a multi-purpose highly versatile lap desk that you can use in your home, office or while gaming. This lap desk can also be used as a snack tray while you watch your favorite show on TV. It is very to use and height adjustable. You can adjust the height from 9.4 inches to 12.6 inches use two auto-lock buttons on each side. It has an adjustable angle from 0-35 degrees downward from front.

It is a light weight but sturdy lap desk made from quality materials. Table top is made from oak. This is easily foldable and super convenient to carry. It can also be used on top of a regular desk as a standing desk. There is enough space for your keyboard and mouse. This lap desk is available in 3 different sizes.

HUANUO Gaming Lap Desk

HUANUO Best Gaming Lap Desks

This multi-functional lap desk is built with environment friendly materials. The top is made of wood and the bottom has dual bolster cushions for comfort. This is a great lap desk for a comfortable gaming experience. You can use this lap desk anywhere, in your bed, on a desk or while travelling.

This desk comes with a large mouse pad, a phone holder and a tablet holder. You can have everything in one place in an organized manner. Play games whiles keeping an eye on the latest notifications. The wrist pad provides a comfortable position to place your wrist plus it protects your laptop from slipping.

Nearpow Adjustable Lap Desk

Nearpow Adjustable Lap Desk

This multi-functional height adjustable lap desk can be used however you want. You can use it as a workstation, gaming, children bed table, writing table or a couch table. This desk is available in two different sizes. You can easily adjust the height from 9.4 inches to 12.6 inches use two auto-lock buttons. Tabletop can be set to 3 different angles from 0-30 degrees.

This portable desk is sturdy and light weight. It can be folded for space saving storage and portability. Very easy to move and carry anywhere you like.

This gaming lap desk has wood textured table top and foldable metal legs. The distinct feature of this desk is that the stoppers on the top can be put in different combination for better user experience. There are a few different variants of this lap desk available. Be sure to check them out too before making a purchase.

TaoTronics Lap Desk

TaoTronics Best Gaming Lap Desks

Angle-Adjustable laptop lap desk by TaoTronics can be tilted from 0-15 degrees and height-adjustable from 9.5 inches to 12.6 inches. There is enough space for a 17 inch wide laptop with ample room for a mouse. Legs are foldable which makes it easy to store. This is a multi-purpose desk and can be used for different purposes.

The look of this lap desk is very neat. There is mouse stopper and laptop fix clip which keeps your laptop in place. This is great lap desk to play games in bed.

Sofia + Sam Oversized Memory Foam Lap Desk

Sofia + Sam Oversized Memory Foam Lap Desk

This portable oversized lap desk is great for your lap. There is a memory foam under the desk which makes it very comfy. It can supports up to 20 inches laptops. The wooden top allows adequate air flow to keep the laptop cool. No matter how hot the laptop gets you won’t feel the heat in your lap.

Best Gaming Lap Desks Guide & FAQ

What to look for in a gaming lap desk?

There are few features to look before finalize your lap desk. Make sure to buy a lap desk that is perfect size, it should not be too small or too big. The desk that is too large will be a problem in moving it around while you are in a bed. I would recommend a desk that can hold a 15.6 inches laptop with enough space for a mouse.

Personally I recommend desks without legs because they are easier to move while gaming. Surface of the desk should be non-slippery with a stopper that prevent your laptop from slipping.


A gaming lap desk can be an excellent choice for a comfortable gaming experience. They help you play in a better comfortable position. Laptops can get very hot while gaming as it requires a lot of power and without a lap desk your lap will also get very hot and makes it very difficult to play games. With a gaming lap desk you can play from the comfort of your bed. 

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