Top 5 Best Gaming Desk With Pullout Keyboard Tray

When it comes to an excellent gaming desk, space is the biggest ranking factor. It is always helpful to save space if you have less storage areas. A spacious gaming desk gives an ample space to your gaming hardware and accessories. More extra space on the desktop makes it easier is to reach for everything we need, keeps the stoppage to a minimum, and you can focus more on gaming.

There are not many gaming desks with pullout keyboard tray or available as a separate accessory. But there are few excellent computer desks available for you in the market that has built in keyboard tray. Desks with a keyboard tray are great space savers and look neat.

To make things easier we have made a list of best desks available with a keyboard tray, so you don’t have to look elsewhere. There isn’t any gaming desk that comes a built in keyboard tray and you have to buy a separate keyboard tray as an accessory and attach it to the table. Below you can check out the list and choose a desk that fulfills your needs.

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Eureka Z1-S Gaming Desk


Eureka Z1-S is one of our most favorite desks. This sturdy and good looking desk can be a great addition to your gaming setup. Eureka is a well-known brand for its high quality gaming accessories. This desk tops our list because of its modern looking design, superior build quality, and it has most of the essential features. It’s lightweight, trendy, stylish, spacious, and has some other great features too. The bonus feature is that it comes at a reasonable price for a desk that ergonomic.

With a surface region of 44.5″ long and 24.2″ wide, it has a lot of space for all your gaming equipment and will easily fit two monitors. You can increase the space availability by attaching a keyboard tray with the desk. Eureka Z1-S does not come with a built-in keyboard tray but you have to separately buy it, which will have separate charges obviously.

There are not many brands that make separate accessories for their desks. Eureka has quite a few options like monitor arm, CPU stand, USB hub and keyboard tray that you can buy separately.

Key features of this desk include cup holder, headphone hook, controller stand, game storage, and an extra-large mouse pad for your gaming keyboard and mouse, meeting almost all the gamer needs.

Rock-solid Z-shape modern design and four leveling feet made of aluminum give it more stability and a trendy look. This desk can hold a maximum weight of up to 200lbs. For a finishing touch, the Z1-S features blue LED Lighting, making this desk look excellent for a gamer. 

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Walker Edison Soreno

Walker Edison Soreno

Walker Edison Soreno is among the most popular computer gaming desks on Amazon. It is trusted by thousands of satisfied customers. This is an excellent looking L shaped gaming desk. With so many satisfied customers you can’t go wrong with desk. Walker Edison is a spacious desk with enough space for your gaming hardware while still being able to fit in the smaller spaces.

The table top is made of tempered glass and the base structure is made of powdered coated steel legs which make it durable and long lasting. This desk comes in two 21-inch deep rectangular pieces and one quarter-circle shaped piece, all joined together to give you a large surface for gaming.

Features of this desk include a built-in keyboard tray and a CPU stand, which clears up extra space on the surface. The keyboard tray can be mounted on either side of the desk for better user experience. This available in 4 different color combinations so you can choose that looks good with your interior.

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HOMCOM 67 L Shaped

HOMCOM 67 L Shaped

This cutting edge computer gaming desk from HomCom is an ideal choice for any gamer. This L-shaped corner desk gives a lot of space for your monitors and consoles. The minimalist design fits well within the interior. One major thing about this desk about this desk is that it’s long and you can easily fit a triple monitor setup.

The tabletop is built using thick p2 grade engineered wood, keeping it lightweight yet durable. Powder coated steel casing makes it sturdy, stable, and ready for long gaming sessions. It can hold up to 110lbs of weight. To maximize the use of space, there is a built-in slide out keyboard tray and mobile CPU rack.

Built-in keyboard tray makes things convenient and you can slide it out for your keyboard and then slide it back when not in use. The smooth look and advanced design make this desk an excellent addition to your gaming station.

The compact design of this desk gives you maximum space while fitting in almost any decent place. Built sturdy and durable, this desk will last you for years if taken good care of.

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Best Choice Products Modular Wooden L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Best Choice Products Modular Wooden L-Shaped Gaming Desk

For a large gaming desk with a built-in keyboard tray, this can be an excellent choice. It can keep all your gaming hardware and accessories on the top easily. There is more than enough space for a triple monitor with ample space for accessories. If you create content for YouTube and need large desk for work and gaming then this is the best choice.

This gaming desk comes with a slide-out keyboard tray and a PC stand. Design of this desk is very elegant and will look good anywhere. This desk is available in black and white colors. The modular tabletop lets you set up this desk in different ways to fit according to your room’s layout.

Tabletop is made of sleek wood and the frame is made of sturdy steel which gives it a classy modern look. Quality is good with respect to the price of this computer desk. The desk is fairly easy to assemble if you follow the instruction accordingly. Downside is that it does not have any cable management so you have to be a little creative to make it work.

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Z-Line Designs Feliz Glass L Desk

Z-Line Designs Feliz

This desk has massive space for all of your gaming hardware and accessories. The large surface has enough space to keep all of your stuff in one place. Z-Line Feliz has a black glossy powder coat frame. The table top is clear tempered glass and the frame is black border metal. The monitor shelf is raised for comfortable eye-level viewing.

Z-Line Designs Felix L shaped gaming desk is quite a beautiful piece of furniture, especially as a game station. Solid glass has been tempered to withstand heavyweight. The rest of the desk structure is also very high quality. This desk has reinforced plates on all welding joints for maximum sturdiness and durability.

This desk has a lot of space and can hold multiple displays. Some buyers of this desk even have quad monitors setup as an editing studio for video and other online work. Gamers that live stream their gameplay will be happy to have this. They can use one side of the table for gaming and the other side for content creation.

Z-Line Feliz also has a keyboard tray, which makes this gaming desk more organized. This desk is an amazing option for anyone who is looking for a reliable gaming desk with high quality and durability In a great price.


Gaming desk with a pullout keyboard tray are a perfect new addition to your gaming station. A gaming desk with a built-in keyboard tray keeps the desktop neat, clear and provides extra space for your gaming accessories. With the keyboard and mouse on the pullout tray you can have more space on the tabletop.

Are there any disadvantages of Keyboard tray?

The only drawback of a pullout keyboard is that it can show slight movement during intense gaming session. Most of the time, slight movement won’t have any effect on your gameplay.

Slightly lower height of the keyboard tray than the table top can also be an issue during longer gaming sessions. Your wrist will get tired more quickly as compared to if the keyboard is on the surface of the desk. That won’t be a big problem if you have a wireless keyboard and mouse because it is easier to put them on the surface. But if you have wired mouse and keyboard then it can cause you trouble.

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