Best Multi Monitor Gaming Desks 2020

A gaming desk that can fit your multi monitor setup plus all your gaming accessories is an excellent addition to your gaming station. There are a lot of desks with the large surface area, but finding a desk that perfectly meets your budget and requirements is a bit tricky. Multi monitor gaming desk should have maximum weight capacity so that it can easily hold all your gaming hardware with ease.

For me, a single monitor does not work. It should be at least a dual monitor setup. If you are reading this article, then I can assume that a single monitor setup does not work for you either. I have tried a lot of different desks from an antique office desk to a simple plain IKEA. I like the setup with dual or triple monitors. I always had the problem of small gaming desks not having enough space for my dual monitor setup.

The dual or triple monitor can increase your productivity or, in this case, your gaming experience. It is not always about the size of a tabletop, but elevated shelves or dual monitor Stand/Arm can give you more space.

In this article, we are reviewing some of the best multi monitor gaming desks. We will discuss the features and specifications of these gaming desks so you can compare them and make your choice easily.

Best Dual Monitor Gaming Desk: Eureka Z60

Eureka Z60 Multi Monitor Gaming Desk

Z60 has the number one spot on our multi monitor gaming desk list. Eureka Z60 gaming desk can be an excellent choice for your dual monitor gaming station. The Z60 is an upgraded version of Z1-S. This desk has a full 60″ carbon fiber textured tabletop with enough room to set up dual monitors, PS4, Xbox, keyboard, mouse, and any other gaming gear you have. Z60 has enough surface space, and you can set up triple monitors using a monitor arm.

The sides of this desk have multi-colored RGB LED lights, which makes it look great and also boosts your gaming experience. You can simply attach your PC or console and choose your favorite color lights. Experience your gaming on another level with these multi-colored LED lights.

Z60 has a rock-solid Z-shaped design, which gives it maximum strength. It can hold a maximum weight of 220lbs. This is a sturdy desk, and it can last for years

A gaming desk should provide a clean look. With two built-in cable management grommets, you can keep your battle station looking neat. This is a pretty awesome gaming desk itself, but if you want it to be a perfect battle station, then you can buy desk accessories separately sold by Eureka. You can add CPU holder/Hanger, single/dual monitor arm, keyboard tray, large mouse pad, USB hub, or gear racks that include a cup holder and console holder, etc. So that’s a lot of choices with this desk.

Eureka is a trusted brand, and all of their products are of high quality. This is the reason that this desk comes with a two years warranty plus 30-Day risk-free guarantee with free shipping. If you don’t like the desk, you can just send it back. It also has free return shipping.

This can be a dream desk for any gamers with all these great features and customer friend policies.

2nd Best Dual Monitor Gaming Desk: Vitesse 55″

Vitesse 55" Multi Monitor Gaming Desk

Vitesse 55″ gaming desk is the latest addition in our multi monitor gaming desk. This desk is a larger variant of Vitesse 47″. This desk comes with a large tabletop made of carbon fiber. With enough surface area this desk can hold all your gaming hardware without any space issues. VIT 55″ can easily carry your dual monitor setup, or it can even hold a triple monitor if you use a triple monitor arm. 

When it comes to the features, this desk has most of the necessary features a gaming desk can have. This desk comes with a USB gaming handle rack, storage tray, cable grommets, cup holder, headphone holder hook. Vit 55″ is one of the best looking desks with a smooth and stylish finish.

The tabletop is elegantly textured with thousands of microscopic, high-intensity light-reflecting points, creating the brilliant surface for futuristic gaming mice tracking capabilities. Charging ports allow you to charge your phone or tablet within your reach.

Cable management is good with two built-in cable grommets. The surface is PVC laminated with a full mouse pad. The tabletop is waterproof and very easy to clean. VIT 55″ is the sturdiest desk; T-shaped legs are made of steel with 260lbs of load-bearing capacity. It will hold all your gaming hardware without any problem. 

This is the best multi monitor gaming desk a gamer could ask with all these excellent features. Also, you get one year of worry-free warranty.

Best Triple Monitor Gaming Desk: Arozzi Arena

Arozzi Arena gaming desk

Arozzi Arena gaming desk is one of the best multi monitor gaming desks that holds back nothing about what it is made for. There are many features to like about this desk, including its spacious tabletop for your gaming hardware to adjust quickly. Another great feature is height adjustability; you can easily adjust the height according to your needs. The height of this desk is adjustable up to 10 cm. There are four balancing knobs below the legs to prevent the desk from wobbling.

This gaming desk can hold the heavyweight of your PC hardware, console, and monitors without a problem. It will easily keep three large monitors on top. A durable desk all round with fantastic quality and great looks. Desks like this are best for a wide range of jobs, from gaming to content creation.

This gaming desk is available in various colors is a reward, too, meaning that gamers can choose the correct color of the desk to suit their color scheme in the house.

There are many great features in these desks, and discovering what could work optimally for you is essential. The fabric on the table offers proper tracking for gaming mouse and a good grip for your keyboard. The fabric on the tabletop is removable and can be washed and changed.

There is a cable management net under the desk, alongside three cable grommets for proper cable management. The three cutouts are not only for cable management but for attaching monitors as well.

This makes it a nice and clean gaming area so you can kick back and enjoy your games. This is always the best result when trying to relax and enjoy the long gaming session.

This desk is easy to assemble if you follow the instructions correctly. After a little bit of assembly, you will have the gaming desk you had always wanted.

If you are looking for a large desk that can hold your triple multiple monitor setup, then look no further; this is the best option for you. Arozzi Arena gaming desk is famous among a lot of pro gamers.

2nd Best Triple Monitor Gaming Desk: Mr. Ironstone

Mr. Ironestone 63" Triple Monitor Gaming Desk

This desk can be another great choice for your triple monitor setup. Mr. IRONSTONE is a multi monitor gaming desk that is specially designed for all your gaming hardware to fit perfectly on the tabletop. The surface is made of large sturdy MDF with PVC laminated. This desk provides a huge space for your triple monitor setup. So you can focus more on your gaming without any space issues.

The design of this desk is very convenient for gamers. Mr. Ironestone gaming desk comes with a cup holder, a headphone hook, and three cable management grommets. These extra features help you have better gaming experience. This is not just a gaming desk; you can also use it as a workstation.

Mr. Ironestone has a rock-solid frame construction. The frame is made of durable metal legs, and it can hold the heavyweight of your gaming hardware and accessories. Four adjustable leg pads ensure that the gaming desk holds a strong position and doesn’t wobble even on uneven ground.

The assembly of this desk is effortless if you follow the given instructions included with the package. It also contains the tools to assemble the desk. The laminated table top is waterproof, which makes it easy to clean.

Mr. Ironstone comes with a one year warranty. If you have any issues with the desk, you can contact the customer support. Their customer service is speedy, and they will respond to you within 24 hours if you have any queries or problems.

Best L shaped Multi Monitor Gaming Desk: Z Line Designs performance 1.2

Z Line Designs performance 1.2 Multi Monitor Gaming Desk

There are a lot of L shaped/corner desks available in the market for office use, and it can be hard to find an L shaped desk with the intended purpose of gaming. Z line designs performance is your best option if you want an L shaped gaming desk.

Z line designs have a large surface area for your gaming hardware, and you can even set up your quad monitor gaming setup. This L shaped desk comes with a lot of useful features for gamers. It comes with a dual USB charging port built-in, which keeps your phone or controllers charged and ready to use. This desk even has a wireless device charging pad.

It also includes the most demanding feature of a gaming desk, a multi-colored LED light under the top surface with remote control, which makes this desk perfect for the gamer. 

 This desk has a headphone hook and large integrated mouse pad, which makes things more convenient. The structure is built from powder-coated metal, which makes it durable. You can put multiple monitors without any problem. The top surface is height adjustable, and you can adjust the height where it is comfortable for you.

This desk got it all from looks to most of the little feature for your gaming needs so you can relax and enjoy your games in peace. The best thing about the ZLD Performance Series is that it is available in a lot of different designs. From a single small desk to a large L shaped desk with different designs. They also have electrically height adjustable desk.

2nd Best L shaped Multi Monitor Gaming Desk: Respawn 2000

Respawn 2000 Triple monitor gaming desk

The second spot for the best multi monitor desk goes to RESPAWN L-shaped Gaming Computer Desk. There are not so many l shaped desks made for gaming. RESPAWN has made this desk specially made for gamers. This ergonomic gaming desk features a large desktop surface with dedicated spots for your accessories so you can have everything within your reach. This desk is huge, and you can easily set up four monitors if you want to.

There is a raised monitor shelf for better eye-level gaming action. You can also remove this shelf if you want to. This desk also comes with headphones and a cup holder. The design of this desk is very ergonomic. The frame is built of a steel tube frame with contoured support and adjustable glides. The front of the desk has beveled edges that alleviate forearm stress to help you level up in comfort.

The overall structure is very durable and sturdy. It can hold 200lbs of weight, which is enough for all of your gaming equipment. The material of this desk is very comfortable. The good thing about this desk is that it comes in contrasting colors that match the chairs made by RESPAWN so you can complete your gaming battle station.

This desk is shipped in two large boxes. This l shaped gaming desk is relatively easy to setup. The instructions are obvious and easy to follow. 

Note: We did not include any l shaped glass desks in our list as they are challenging to clean, prone to scratches, and cable management is complicated. 

Final Thought

We have reviewed some of the best multi-monitor gaming desks in the market right now. All of these multi monitor gaming desk in our list are top of the line high quality desks. You should consider the quality and price before making a purchase. The desk you choose depends on your style and requirements. All of these desks are specially made for gaming. Now the choice is yours to make.

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